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Elvis Costello Mfsl 9 Collection + Rare 10 + Idiot Delivery Hits 20 Lps

Elvis Costello Mfsl 9 Collection + Rare 10 + Idiot Delivery Hits 20 Lps

Elvis Costello Mfsl 9 Collection + Rare 10 + Idiot Delivery Hits 20 Lps
ELVIS COSTELLO SET STARTS WITH - THE MFSL PORTION WITH 8 TITLES AND 9 PIECES OF AUDIOPHILE LIMITED EDITION VINYL. Elvis Costello & The Attractions Get Happy!! 180 GRAM LIMITED EDITION MFSL 2 LP SET Numbered, Limited Edition! High Fidelity: Half-Speed Mastered from the Original Master Tapes and Spread Over Two 45RPM LPs for Unprecedented Sound! On Numbered Limited Edition 180g 45RPM 2LP Set from Mobile Fidelity.

Costello and the Attractions 1980 Masterpiece Expands Rock Palette and Touches on Every Aspect of Classic Soul and R&B. Energetic, Inventive, Ironic, and Yes, Happy: Costello and Company Continue Creative Winning Streak. Elvis Costello and the Attractions masterful Get Happy!! Is largely believed born of national scandal.

While in a Holiday Inn bar, the English singer attempted to end an annoying conversation by baiting Stephen Stills with outrageous, offensive racial remarks about Ray Charles and James Brown. With everyone involved inebriated, the details are unclear, but the falloutdeath threats, radio embargos, protestsis infamous.

Costello and company retreated, scrapped a planned record, and created the soulful genius that is Get Happy!! The bands fourth consecutive five-star effort. Half-speed mastered from the original master tapes, and pressed on two 45RPM LPs to replicate the very first promotional pressing in the UK, the 1980 LP has never sounded better on any format. Rather than cram nearly 50 minutes of music and 20 songs onto a single record, Mobile Fidelity has gone the extra mile and back to the album's UK roots with two 45RPM discs. For the first time, listeners can home in on the records signature sound that relates to the decision to record the vocals in a studios glass strings room.

In addition, the dimensions and images associated with Steve Nieves penetrating organ, Pete Thomas punchy drumming, and Costellos bounding vocals know no limits. The music simply leaps off the proverbial page, the up-tempo rhythms jumping and nimble bass lines kicking.

Clearly, the group is motivated, and the leader brings some of his very finest songs to the table, including High Fidelity, Riot Act, Motel Matches, and The Imposter. While some believe the drunken incident caused Costello to shelve a planned new-wave-leaning effort for the soul-stoked Get Happy!! The vocalist claims that his ability to find so many great soul records in America from 1977 through 1979 inspired the group to change course. Whatever the cause, Get Happy!!

Paying homage to Northern soul, Motown, Stax, and Southern soul strains, and infused with smooth and gritty arrangements, Get Happy!! Runs on an efficient R&B motor. High Fidelity quotes a Supremes song; Love for Tender borrows a Supremes riff; Opportunity tips its hat to Al Green; Clowntime Is Over bows to Curtis Mayfield.

And two covers, of Sam & Daves I Cant Stand Up for Falling Down and the Merseybeats I Stand Accused, are recast as quick, R&B rave-ups. Theres not a misplaced note or bad step on this record. And for history buffs, the closing, searing ballad Riot Act is Costellos response to his hypocritical critics and finger-pointers. As essential as anything in Costellos catalog, and one of the truly great records of the 1980s, you owe it to yourself to experience Get Happy!!

In the supreme sonic fidelity that this numbered limited edition Mobile Fidelity double-LP pressing affords. For those intimately familiar with its contents, listening will be a revelation.

And for fans that have never heard the record, prepare to be wowed. Part of Mobile Fidelitys Costello catalog restoration series, Get Happy! Will never be considered audiophile-demo fare. Here, however, the product of Mobile Fidelity's half-speed mastering and cut at 45rpm, the music displays heretofore unknown rhythmic pop and instrumental layering, and it has the semblance of dynamic range. 5/5 Music, 3.5/5 Sound!

Half-Speed Production and Mastering by Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab. Specially Plated and Pressed on 180 grams of High Definition Vinyl.

Special Static Free - Dust Free Inner Sleeve. Heavy Duty Protective Gatefold Packaging. Mastered from the Original Master Tapes. I Can't Stand Up For Falling Down. Elvis Costello & The Attractions TRUST Numbered Limited Edition 180 GRAM MFSL LP. Numbered, Limited Edition 180g LP! Mastered from the Original Master Tapes and Pressed at RTI! Trust Is Most Eclectic and Ambitious Record of Elvis Costellos Career: [His] Summit as a Singer, Songwriter, and Miserable-Irish-Bastard Pin-Up Boy Says Rolling Stone Mastered from the Original Master Tapes: Mobile Fidelity LP of Trust Enhances the Realism of the Songs Advanced Arrangements and Nimble Accents 1981 Album Mixes R&B Rhythms and New-Wave Melodies: Includes Clubland, Watch Your Step, and Strict Time. The album cover to Trust speaks volumes: Elvis Costello, bathed in shadows, his eyes nervously peering out from behind his sunglasses, his face conveying a combination of edgy noir purpose and guilt-ridden anxiety. Indeed, the tension-rich songs within largely convey the opposite meanings of the records title, with the British icon musing on what lies beyond arrogant youth and immediate success with a jaundiced, scarred perspective informed by his countrys political climate and his own experiences. Of course, this being Costello and the Attractions, everything is wrapped into a catchy batch of songs that encourage listeners to hear them multiple times before they reveal their true intent. On Trust, almost nothing is what it seems, a condition that only enhances what remains the most diverse set of Costellos career. Mastered from the original master tapes and pressed at RTI, Mobile Fidelitys transparent analog reissue lets music lovers in on the secrets via unsurpassed clarity and breathtaking immediacy. Whether the full, rounded tones of Bruce Thomas bass or complete extension and decay of Steve Nieves organ, every instrumental accent is delivered with lifelike detail and superb balance. Melodicas, drums, pianos, and guitars similarly come across faithfully and richly, the blend freed of constricting sonic veils and dynamic compression.

Heard anew on this pressing, Trust emerges as one of the most satisfyingly complex and expertly played albums of its era. Costellos singing, too, reveals intricate tonal shadings and implied meanings, with slower tracks such as the hypnotic Watch Your Step and Tin Pan Alley-inspired solo tour de force Shot With His Own Gun ravishing with enhanced emotional investment. As is often the case with great (and sophisticated) albums, Trustwhich retains a five-star review from the most recent Rolling Stone Album Guidedidnt spawn any Top 40 hits at the time of its release. Yet age has been more than kind to the effort Costello said aimed to cross the rhythms of Get Happy!!

With the melodies of Armed Forces, and which more than achieves the exacting goal. Admittedly made in a haze of booze and pills, the 1981 affair plumbs issues of disillusionment, romance, and sin with barbed wit and unvarnished honesty.

Country, soul, pop, rockabilly, two-step, punk-shot-through rock, jazzCostello and the Attractions explore and master it all on Trust, all the while performing with an unencumbered directness and on-point coherence. No better example of the singers simultaneous stylistic reach and virtuosity exists. Experience it like never before on this phenomenal-sounding pressing. Production and Mastering by Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab. Youll Never Be a Man. From a Whisper to a Scream. Shot With His Own Gun. Elvis Costello King Of America Numbered Limited Edition 180 GRAM MFSL LP. Elvis Costello - King Of America on Numbered Limited Edition 180g LP from Mobile Fidelity! Costello Teams With Musical Legends and Standout Producer T-Bone Burnett on Exemplary 1986 Album Mastered from the Original Master Tapes: Mobile Fidelity LP Maximizes the Get-In, Get-Out, Live-In-the-Studio Immediacy and De-Congested Mix Includes Introspective Songwriting Gems Such as Indoor Fireworks, Poisoned Rose, Brilliant Mistake, and Little Palaces Juggling Themes of Desire and Exile, Costello Strips Arrangements Down to Folk, Country and Pub-Rock Roots. Elvis Costello spent the year prior to recording King of America embarking on a solo tour, usually accompanied by producer/singer-songwriter T-Bone Burnett. The pairs decision to collaborate on Costellos 1986 album came naturally, and the music sounds itemotional, effortless, literate, seemingly uncomplicated.

Credit, however, not only goes to the best batch of Costello originals since 1982s Imperial Bedroom, but to the literally awesome and awe-inspiring cast of musicians Burnett invited to participate. Mastered from the original master tapes and pressed at RTI, Mobile Fidelitys 180g LP of this masterpiece broadens the live-in-the-studio intimacy and opens up the midrange, highs, and lows of Burnetts fabulously de-congested mix. Made with few overdubs or effects, King of America relishes organic approaches and faithful tonesas well as a vast spaciousness and balance not always evident on Costellos efforts with the attractions. Finally, Mobile Fidelity transports the listener to the semicircle of players that surrounded Costello in the studio, and highlights the benefits of the center-of-the-production miking technique employed on the singers voice and guitar playing.

Given the brilliance of the performances, every music fan will want to be brought as near as possible to the purity of these sessions. A Hall of Fame-caliber list of instrumentalists accompany Costello, with Elvis Presleys T. Mates Ron Tutt (drums), James Burton (guitar), and Jerry Scheff (bass) forming one band and drummer Earl Palmer (Little Richard), bassist Ray Brown (Oscar Peterson, Duke Ellington), pianist Tom Canning, and organist Mitchell Froom ready in waiting as another. Several of these musicians formed yet another band, joined by drummer Jim Keltner of Bob Dylan, George Harrison, and John Lennon fame.

Ohand the Attractions make a guest appearance on one track. King of Americathe title reflective of the threads of intentional, thought-provoking contradiction throughoutwould be exemplary if just for the troupe. Yet its the combination of chemistry, ability, sonics, and tunes that propel this watertight platter to iconic status. Unconcerned with writing a radio hit or adhering to a single musical theme, Costello wrote a majority of the material on acoustic guitar and on piano, tapping his pub-rock and folk roots in turning out songs that remain some of the catchiest, introspective, and deep of his career.

Cuts such as Indoor Fireworks, Poisoned Rose, Brilliant Mistake, and Suit of Lights epitomize Costellos inimitable manner of viewing adulthood, romance, and geographical transition through a transparent lens that blocks neither truth nor consequence. It swings (vide, Scheffs bass line on Lovable), swishes (Keltners brushes on Ill Wear It Proudly), jumps (Browns string bass on Eisenhower Blues), swoons (Poisoned Rose), and shuffles (Jack of All Parades). Theres truly not a bum track here, and now, experienced in such high fidelity, the genius of every contributor can be easily heard and felt. Akin to Mobile Fidelitys other Costello reissues, this is not to be missed. Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood.

I'll Wear It Proudly. Elvis Costello & The Attractions Punch The Clock MFSL Numbered Limited Edition 180 GRAM LP. Half-Speed Mastered From Original Master Tapes! Costello & the Attractions Return to Mainstream Pop on Slick-Sounding 1983 Album Mobile Fidelity LP Digs Into Smooth Tones, Brassy Effects, Limber Bass Lines, Multiple Layers of Production Includes Sparkling Top 40 Hit Everyday I Write the Book As Well as Timeless Political Songs Shipbuilding and Pills and Soap Razor-Sharp Wit, Concise Melodies on Display Throughout; Jazz Legend Chet Baker Guests. Punch the Clock is Elvis Costello & the Attractions most British record, a return to mainstream pop craft loaded with clever barbs and insightful social commentary that nearly landed the headliner in serious trouble with government representatives.

Produced by the English hit-making team of Clive Langer and Alan Winstanley, the jumpy and horn-accompanied 1983 effort includes Costellos first-ever American Top 40 hit (Everyday I Write the Book) and a smooth sheen that reinforces the materials commercial intent and catchy appeal. Half-speed mastered from the original master tapes, Mobile Fidelitys numbered limited edition 180g LP presents the hyper-literate fidelity and refined melodies in astonishing sonics, navigating the multiple layers of information, brassy effects, and background vocals to present a unified whole replete with stellar front-to-back depth. Akin to the reissue labels previous acclaimed Costello reissues, Punch the Clock is vastly improved, the opened-up perspective, pronounced instrumental separation, and textural clarity enhancing all the details within the grooves.

Fresh from making a country tribute album and a large-scale set flush with complex arrangements, Costello and Co. Return to straight-ahead pop given a decidedly British accent and soulful backing vocals. Conscious of the Merseybeat sound and success of Dexys Midnight Runners, Costello tints songs with new-wave characteristics, splashy horns, and spontaneous vocal-response support courtesy of female duo Afrodiziak, one member of which later attained fame with Soul II Soul. Steve Nieves bounding piano lines dance throughout the arrangements, adding witty pizzazz and delicate allure to already-tuneful fare like The Element Within Her and Mouth Almighty.

The more direct, hook-ready approach also manifests on numbers such as Let Them All Talk and Charm School, tunes that also illustrate the contrasts in romantic theme. While remaining deeply cynical, as was his longtime hallmark, Costello unfurls two compositions on which love and marriage are viewed in a positive light. Yet he spares no one, nothing, and minces no words with Shipbuilding and Pills and Soap, fare that remains revered in his native country as well as abroad. For Shipbuilding, a brilliantly disguised 88s-clinking protest against war influenced by the Falkan Conflict, Costello enlists jazz legend Chet Baker to deliver a masterfully poignant, bluesy trumpet solo that echoes throughout the coda. On the hip-hop-inspired Pills and Soap, a thinly veiled metaphor addressing Britains abusive sociopolitical state and royal officials, the bespectacled bandleader invents a thoroughly unique quasi-rap draped over a drum-machine beat and Nieves bold piano chords.

Elvis Costello, epiphone, Gretsch and Fender guitars,'One-finger' Synclavier and Casiotone. Steve Nieve, Bosendorfer piano, Emulator Fairlight CMI, Vox organ, Hammond organ, Synclavier.

Bruce Thomas, Electric Wal bass guitar. Pete Thomas, Gretsch drums, Sabian cymbals. Jeff Blythe, alto sax, baritone sax, clarinet. Paul Speare, tenor sax, flute. Stuart Robson, trumpet and flugelhorn on "The World And His Wife". Chet Baker, trumpet solo on "Shipbuilding". Everyday I Write the Book. The World And His Wife.

Elvis Costello & The Attractions Blood & Chocolate Numbered 180 GRAM MFSL LIMITED EDITION LP. Numbered, Limited Edition 180g LP from Mobile Fidelity!

Emotionally Cathartic Nick Lowe-Produced Blood & Chocolate Includes "I Want You, " "I Hope You're Happy Now, " and "Uncomplicated" Mastered from the Original Master Tapes and Pressed at RTI: Elvis Costello's Guitar-Driven 1986 Album Teems With Stacked Rhythms, Tonalities, Punch, and Tension Costello at His Most Vicious: Songs Rumble and Storm, Dark Humor and Biting Lyrics Address Tumult, Jealousy, Vindictiveness. Known in his youth as the "angry young man, " Elvis Costello waited until 1986 to create the most vicious record of his career. Stripped to the studs and produced by Nick Lowe, Blood and Chocolate seethes with vindictiveness, spite, and rancor.

The 11-track effort clatters with raw rock n' roll menace and clangs with darkly humorous intent. Venomous, acerbic, and aggressive, it values rhythm and attack over harmony and melody. A volatile rite of passage on which harsh Telecaster riffs cut like razor blades and Costello spits words as if they were Molotov cocktails tossed at enemies, this is the satisfying sound of emotional catharsis. Mastered from the original master tapes and pressed at RTI, this collectable edition of Blood and Chocolate joins Mobile Fidelity's acclaimed Costello reissues series in presenting the icon's vital records in rich, dynamic, three-dimensional analog sound. That's never been truer than it is here.

Recorded the songs in a large room at London's Olympic Studios while playing at stage volumes, an unconventional approach that nonetheless suited the music's raw feel. Nearly every track was done in three takes or less, with minimal vocal fixes and overdubs added immediately afterward.

Such energy, spark, force, and pace thrive on this reissue. Capturing the decibel-laden atmosphere that heightens the rhythmic pace and elevates the urgency of the deliveries, Mobile Fidelity's 180g LP delivers the band's performances with wall-of-sound hugeness and booming authority. And while this isn't a record where subtlety reigns, listeners can now discern the acoustic guitar strummed by Lowe for the foundation of the savage "Uncomplicated" as well as the nuanced final bars of the inimitable "I Want You" on which each member's instrumental track is switched off to bleed into Costello's vocal microphone. Indeed, for all the apparent chaos, Steve Nieve's keyboards even get accurate placement and imaging on this incredible pressing. Then there's the temperament of the songs themselvesperhaps best described by Costello. The album title and Eamon Singer's crude cover painting reflected some intense and uncertain situations. The record might have well been a blurred polaroid: a smashed-up room, a squashed box of chocolates, some broken glass and a little blood smeared on the wall. Wrote the singer in 2002.

The album [is] a pissed-off 32-year-old divorce's version of the musical blueprint with which I had begun my recording career with the Attractions. Indeed, the bandon the verge of fraying at the seams and at each other's throats in close confinespummels twanging chords, beats up on notes, turns up amplifiers, and eyes everything with great suspicion. Lyrically, Costello has seldom been wittier, sharper, or more malicious. The snarling, tables-turning "I Hope You're Happy Now" joins Bob Dylan's "Positively Fourth Street" as among the most lacerating kiss-off tunes ever penned. Similarly sarcastic, "Next Time Round" lends a pop rave-up air to the album's otherwise dark assault.

The bloodletting "Crimes of Paris" and "Poor Napoleon" (featuring Pogues singer Cait O'Riordan playing the role of "the voice of pity") confront the consequences of traumatic relationships and lustful choices with a savvy intellect. Given the mood and mindset of everyone and everything involved, it's no surprise that Costello and the Attractions wouldn't again work together until eight years later. Saying that Blood and Chocolate was worth the sacrifice is an understatement. Mastering by Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab.

I Hope You're Happy Now. Home Is Anywhere You Hang Your Head. Honey Are You Straight or Are You Blind? Elvis Costello & The Attractions Almost Blue Numbered Limited Edition 180 GRAM MFSL LP.

Elvis Costello and the Attractions Almost Blue on Numbered Limited Edition 180g LP from Mobile Fidelity! Special Static Free - Dust Free Inner Sleeve!

Costellos Soulful Country & Western Covers Album Tackles Standard Tunes by George Jones, Hank Williams, Gram Parsons, and More! Expertly played 1981 set marks the second of the Encyclopedic Pop Musicians many forays into multiple styles.

Half-Speed Mastered from the Original Master Tapes: Knockout Sonics Present Costellos Close-Up Vocals, Steve Nieves Piano, and the Pedal-Steel Guitars in Great Relief. Elvis Costello was so enamored with American country music when he finally discovered it, he was motivated to record Almost Blue. Renowned as one of the most passionate and enthusiastic covers albums ever made, the 12-song set finds the iconic singer/songwriter interpreting standards by the likes of Hank Williams, Gram Parsons, George Jones, Merle Haggard, and other legends. Replete with heartbreak, lonesomeness, boozing, cheating, and dreaming, its laden with country and westerns customary themes and dignified by one of the finest performances of Costello and the Attractions peerless career. Half-speed mastered from the original master tapes, Mobile Fidelitys numbered limited edition 180g LP opens up the soundstages, clears previously muddled midrange frequencies, and places the imaging of the various country-tuned instruments into clear focus.

For the first time, listeners can hear just how much of himself Costello invests in the vocal performances, while the Attractions dont miss a beat, particularly pianist Steve Nieve and guest musician John McFee. Moreover, the strings (when employed) take on new life, and the records cover art, a take-off on Kenny Burrells Midnight Blue, is faithfully reproduced. At the time of the albums recording in 1981, Costello was admittedly emotionally shattered.

The title of the effort isnt merely coincidental. Feeling dejected and disenchanted, the vocalist had been put through the ringer: His pop stardom yielded one incredible record after another, but Costellos marriage was in tatters, his behavior deplorable, and his reputation tarnished by a famous drunken incident that shamed him for decades. In addition, he chose to follow his string of original LPs up with the soul- and R&B-minded Get Happy, a creative masterwork that nonetheless caused some of his mainstream fans to believe hed abandon his hit-making pedigree. So he did what any self-respecting, astute musician would want to do: Cut a country and western record steeped in heartbreak, fragility, sadness, despair, and beer-glass-raising spirit.

Largely informed by the stacks of country LPs he bought in used shops during U. Tours, and in the ideal frame of mind, Costello sought out not to make standards such as Sweet Dreams, Too Far Gone, Honey Hush, and Tonight the Bottle Let Me Down his own but to put a unique spin on the darkness, surprise, soulfulness, foreboding, and authenticity that they contain within. With each note, Costello succeeds and exceeds expectations, turning in versions that sound both old and new. Such timelessness, and the confluence of contemporary and traditional, distinguishes Almost Blue from nearly every other country tribute album made by pop/rock artists before and since. Costello and the Attractions embody the deep sentiments attached to these weeping ballads, tear-jerking lullabies, honky-tonk rave-ups, and playful shuffles in an incredibly convincing manner.

Producer George Sherrill, famous for working with the likes of Tammy Wynette, George Jones, and Marty Robbins, and brought on board specifically for the project, frames the music with the perfect blend of grit and professionalism. Recorded in CBS Studio A Nashville May 18-29, 1981. Why Don't You Love Me (Like You Used to Do)? Tonight The Bottle Let Me Down.

A Good Year for the Roses. Elvis Costello & The Attractions Goodbye Cruel World Numbered Limited Edition 180 GRAM MFSL LP. Numbered, Limited Edition 180g LP Mastered from the Original Master Tapes!

1984 Album Produced by Top Production Team of Clive Langer and Alan Winstanley: Several Songs Enhanced With Top-Flight Horn Arrangements Mastered from the Original Master Tapes: Mobile Fidelity 180g LP is the Sonically Definitive Version Costello and the Attractions Survive "Dreadful 80s" With Songs Concerning Loss, Identity, and Matters of the Heart Part of Mobile Fidelity's Elvis Costello Reissue Series: Singer-Songwriter's First Eleven Studio Albums Available on Sumptuously Sounding 180g LP. Elvis Costello wasn't in a happy place when he began writing Goodbye Cruel World.

His marriage collapsed between the record's start and finish. He was also dealing with what he deems the "dreadful 80s"a period in which the importance of videos trumped musical merit, the government in his native England engaged in controversial conflicts, and nuclear threats hovered over daily life like a black cloud.

What possible good came out of the age? A smart batch of songs that stands up to many of the singer-songwriter's better-known works and an underrated record that now sounds better than ever. Mastered from the original master tapes and pressed on 180g LP at RTI, this collectable edition of Goodbye Cruel World joins Mobile Fidelity's acclaimed Costello reissues series in presenting the icon's most vital records in rich, dynamic, three-dimensional analog sound. Akin to many albums from the era, Goodbye Cruel World was hampered by bright, slick textures on the original pressings and digital counterparts.

Here, Costello's fare is revealed to possess a warmer, more organic and intimate character. Costello's voice, as well as his band's nimble rhythms and Steve Nieve's R&B-spiked piano, occupy their own spaces amidst a wide, unconstrained soundstage.

The improvements rendered by this numbered, limited-edition LP bring significantly new perspective to Costello's mordantly witty songs addressing everything from stark romantic loss to erotic desire. Produced by the hit-making team of Clive Langer and Alan Winstanley, Goodbye Cruel World reflects the polish of the day in places but now reveals a deeper soulfulness, grit, and honesty. Such aspects particularly come to fore on multiple tunes featuring saxophonists Gary Barnacle, trombonist Jim Paterson, and percussionist Luis Jardimthe very first guests ever welcomed on an Attractions album. With added instrumental assistance, Costello and Co. Traverse styles ranging from rambunctious new-wave rock ("The Deportees Club") to frisky New Orleans-derived blues ("Sour Milk Cow Blues") to suave, jazzy pop ("The Only Flame In Town").

In the closing "Peace In Our Time, " a sobering albeit optimistic song whose verses still apply to contemporary times, Costello crafts the finale to a socio-politically conscious trilogy that began with "Shipbuilding" and Pills and Soap. It alone is the worth the price of admission to a record that's long deserved a better reputation and, with Mobile Fidelity's reissue, finally gets its just desserts. The Only Flame In Town.

Elvis Costello & The Attractions Imperial Bedroom Numbered Limited Edition 180 GRAM MFSL LP. Michael Fremer Rated 9/11 Music, 8/11 Sonics!

Rolling Stone 500 Greatest Albums of All Time - Rated 166/500! One of TONEAudio Magazine's 2012 Best Audiophile Pressings! Elvis Costello and the Attractions Imperial Bedroom on Numbered Limited Edition 180g LP from Mobile Fidelity! Universally Hailed 1982 Pop Masterpiece Pairs Costello and Co. With Beatles Engineer Geoff Emerick.

Record Topped Village Voices Pazz & Jop Critics Poll In Year of Its Original Release. Lavish Instrumentation, Involved Arrangements, and Piano-Based Melodies Frame Ambitious Songs That Address Domestic Malaise While Coming Off as Upbeat.

Recorded with famed Beatles engineer Geoff Emerick, Imperial Bedroom stands as Elvis Costello and the Attractions most highly decorated traditional pop album. Boasting sumptuous arrangements, large-scale instrumentation, ambitious layers, Tin Pan Alley melodies, and orchestrated devices, the 1982 record is a testament to studio creativity and ornate production. Amidst the lavish settings beats the heart of Costellos biting, brutal lyrics that confront domestic malaise and sober emotional reflection. Its little wonder the intelligent effort took top honors in the Village Voices Pazz & Jop Critics Poll. Not that audiences back in the day ever had the privilege of hearing Imperial Bedroom at its maximum potential - now they can. Half-speed mastered from the original master tapes, Mobile Fidelitys numbered limited edition 180g LP opens up the soundstages, expands the depth, and brings the genius of the grand arrangements into clear focus. In particular, the sound of the piano will have you believe that the 88s are situated right in your room, and never before has Emericks crafty sonic precision been so readily apparent.

This is a huge-sounding record that demands full frequency extension and astute separation. Mobile Fidelitys reissue delivers on all fronts.

You need to hear this! Ranked in 2005 by Rolling Stone at #166 on the magazines prestigious list of the 500 Greatest Albums of All Time, Imperial Bedroom overflows with contagious pop, savvy torch, cabaret, chamber, and jazz-influenced fare. If its details you seek, then look no further. With Emericks assistance, each tune is distinguished with painstaking sonic accents, blended rhythms, counterpoint bass lines, dazzling passages, and inventive motifs.

Accordions, tremolo guitars, organs, harpsichords, marimbas, horns, and an assortment of other instruments help color the subtly dark canvases. A 40-piece orchestra graces the gorgeous... Originally intended to be a stripped-down affair, Imperial Bedroom reflects Costellos migration to composing on piano as well as his listening tastes at the time: Billie Holliday, Cole Porter, Frank Sinatra, Debussy. Intricate, expansive, and complex without ever sounding inaccessible, the record includes the now-classic Man Out of Time, Beyond Belief, and Almost Blue, the latter a ballad that Chet Baker included in his live sets until he passed away.

In another stroke of brilliance, Costello used the record as an opportunity to address the melancholic changes in both his own personal situation as well as that of England, the songs functioning as smart, sometimes satirical dialogues on issues such as disenchantment, identity, and relationships. [T]he warmest and ultimately most satisfying sounding because it adds body to both Costello's voice and the bass line without sludge-ing it up. It's got more depth... Plus better inner detail resolution... Mo-Fi's reissue breathes new life into a great E.


ELVIS COSTELLO - OUT OF OUR IDIOT COLLECTORS. To protect the covers from damage. Once inside the our warehouse we then protectively seal the title in a loose re-sealable plastic cover to ensure the quality of the product. This title is brand new & never played condition. Elvis Costello Extreme Honey: The Very Best of the Warner Bros.


ELVIS COSTELLO SECRET, PROFANE & SUGARCANE 150 GRAM 2 LP SET. & TYPE IN COSTELLO INTO THE SEARCH FIELD WITHIN OUR STORES SECTION AS YOUR PERSONAL CODE AND ALL INDIVIDUAL TITLES + INFORMATION WILL APPEAR. The music was recorded at Sweet Tea Studio in Oxford, MS and produced by Dennis Herring (Modest Mouse, Counting Crows, Buddy Guy & Cracker) and Elvis Costello. The album features guest vocals by Lucinda Williams and EmmyLou Harris. Elvis Costello has followed his musical curiosity in a career spanning more than 30 years.

He is perhaps best known for his performances with The Attractions, The Imposters and for concert appearances with pianist Steve Nieve. However, he has also entered into acclaimed collaborations with Burt Bacharach, The Brodsky Quartet, Paul McCartney, Swedish mezzo-soprano Anne Sofie von Otter, guitarist Bill Frisell, composer Roy Nathanson, The Charles Mingus Orchestra, record producer and songwriter T Bone Burnett and Allen Toussaint. The album is steeped in Southern Americana: the gospel-rooted grooves of Memphis soul, touches of pedal steel guitar, Southern-rooted guest singers including EmmyLou Harris and Lucinda Williams and the storytelling that Southern soul shares with country music.

" - Jon Pareles of the New York Times "... It's the first album that he's recorded in its entirety with his road band the Imposters, and they give this music serious muscle, but it also helps that the production by Costello and Dennis Herring stays out of the way -- it's simple, direct, and unadorned, letting the performances shine through.

Stephen Thomas Erlewine, Allmusic Features: Limited 10th Anniversary Edition Clear Vinyl Double LP Gatefold Packaging Selections: LP1 - Side One: 1. There's A Story In Your Voice LP1 - Side Two: 1. Either Side of the Same Town 2. Nothing Clings Like Ivy 3. The Name of This Thing Is Not Love 4.

Heart Shaped Bruise LP2 - Side Four: 1. She's Pulling Out the Pin 2. Elvis Costello and The Attractions This Year's Model 180 GRAM LIMITED EDITION LP.

Remastered From Original Master Tapes! Rolling Stone 500 Greatest Albums of All Time - Rated 98/500!

Elvis Costellos follow-up to his debut release is now on 180 gram vinyl re-mastered from the original master tapes. This was Costello's first album with The Attractions and includes the songs Pump It Up, I Dont Want To Go To (Chelsea) and Radio, Radio. Remastered from original master tapes. (I Don't Want to Go To) Chelsea.

TAS Rated 4/5 Music, 4.5/5 Sonics in the September 2009 Issue of The Absolute Sound! "Secret, Profane & Sugarcane" was produced by T Bone Burnett and recorded by Mike Piersante during a three-day session at Nashville's Sound Emporium Studio in 2009. Joining Costello were Jerry Douglas (Union Station) on dobro, Stuart Duncan (who also played on Mark and Emmylou's "All The Roadrunning") on fiddle, Mike Compton who joined Union Station members to contribute to the O' Brother Where Art Thou?

Soundtrack on mandolin, Jeff Taylor (who's played with Ricky Scaggs and The Chieftans) on accordion and Dennis Crouch (former band mate of Jeff Taylor, who's played with Dolly Parton and Steve Earle) on double bass, some of the most highly regarded recording artists and musicians in traditional American country music, bluegrass and beyond. The album includes ten previously unrecorded songs. "Sulphur to Sugarcane" and "The Crooked Line", were co-written with T Bone Burnett while, "I Felt The Chill" marks Costello's second recorded songwriting collaboration with Loretta Lynn. Costello revisits two songs from his catalogue in string band style. Both songs were originally written for Johnny Cash. "Hidden Shame" was indeed included on Cash's album, "Boom Chicka Boom". T Bone adds his distinctive Kay electric guitar to several of numbers, the only amplified instrument on the recording. Jim Lauderdale takes the close vocal harmony part throughout the record and Emmylou Harris contributed a third vocal part on the chorus of "The Crooked Line" on the final day of recording. Vinyl version includes two bonus tracks not available on CD, an arrangement of Lou Reed's "Femme Fatale" and Costello's sequel to the old Appalachian murder ballad, "Omie Wise", entitled, "What Lewis Did Last".

The album was recorded in a lightning-fast three-day session in a Nashville studio. The result is an unaffected if not wholly authentic country album that drapes Costello's intelligent pop in a homespun cloak of down-home sentimentality.

Greg Cahill, The Absolute Sound, September 2009, Issue 196 Musicians: Elvis Costello, vocals Jerry Douglas, dobro Stuart Duncan, fiddle Mike Compton, mandolin Jeff Taylor, accordion Dennis Crouch, double bass Emmylou Harris, backing vocals (12) Features: 150g Vinyl Double LP Includes two bonus tracks not available on CD Gatefold jacket Selections: LP1 1. Down Among the Wine and Spirits 2.

I Felt the Chill 4. My All Time Doll 5. She Handed Me a Mirror 7. I Dreamed of My Old Lover 8. How Deep is the Red LP 2 1. She Was No Good 2.

Changing Partners LP Only Tracks: 6. Years 180g GRAM LIMITED EDITION AUDIOPHILE 2LP SET. Essential Compilation Album on 180 GRAM LIMITED EDITION Audiophile Vinyl! Extreme Honey: The Very Best of Warner Brothers Years (1997) is a compilation album by Elvis Costello, spanning the years 19891997.

This double album is a good way to become acquainted with Costello's nineties' output. There are a number of hits and singles ("Veronica, " "So Like Candy, " "Sulky Girl, " "13 Steps Lead Down, " "The Other Side of Summer"), spiced up by album tracks from the same period. There are a number of great moments here, whether it's the lilting "The Birds Will Still Be Singing" from the underrated Juliet Letters or the New Orleans-inflected Deep Dark Truthful Mirror. " Extreme Honey also contains "My Dark Life, " Costello's collaboration with Brian Eno (originally featured on The X-Files soundtrack), and the new track "The Bridge I Burned, a neo-psychedelic/trip-hop number constructed from backing tapes recorded with his son and Supergrass drummer Danny Goffey. This essential Elvis Costello compilation is available on vinyl for the first time!

Features: 180g Audiophile Vinyl 2LP Set Insert Available on vinyl for the first time Selections: LP 1 - Side 1: 1. The Bridge I Burned 2.

So Like Candy LP 1 - Side 2: 1. 13 Steps Lead Down 2.

All This Useless Beauty 3. The Other Side Of Summer 5. Kinder Murder LP 2 - Side 3: 1. Deep Dark Truthful Mirror 2. The Birds Will Still Be Singing 5.

London's Brilliant Parade LP 2 - Side 4: 1. Tramp The Dirt Down 2. Couldn't Call It Unexpected No.

I Want To Vanish 4. Out of Our Idiot (1987) compiles Elvis Costello rarities released throughout the mid-80s, usually under pseudonyms. If these were Costellos throwaways, it speaks volumes as to how great of a songster he is.

If you are an Elvis Costello fan, I'd venture to say that this endearingly oddball compilation of singles, covers, outtakes, and previously unreleased material is a must have for your collection. Released in 1987 by Demon Records, most of this material was recorded from the early to mid 1980s, a fertile musical period for Mr.

As others have noted, while these songs didn't make the cut on any of his studio albums, they are still of high quality. The album leads off with "Seven Day Weekend, " a fun duet with Jimmy Cliff. It's a good tune, but there are better ones that follow. Another duet, "The People's Limousine" with T-Bone Burnett, is much more interesting, and the cover of Burt Bacharach's "Baby It's You" with Nick Lowe also sparkles. Three other cover tunes are also worth noting: a lively version of Smokey Robinson's "Head to Toe", a beautiful version of Richard Thompson's "Withered and Died", and a particularly creative take on Yoko Ono's "Walking on Thin Ice", perhaps the best cover of a Yoko Ono song I've ever heard granted, there aren't that many out there! Costello also re-invents himself with very interesting alternate versions of "American Without Tears" and a total revamping of Big Sister. I could go on and on, listing yet more memorable songs on here, but hopefully you get the gist of this album.

It's similar to "Taking Liberties, " the other 1980s collection of Costello B-sides and rarities, but it's a strong collection and highlights some true nuggets from this period of Costello's career, a time when he was clicking on all cylinders and could virtually do no wrong. Ah, I miss those days. Baby's got a brand new hairdo. Black sails in the sunset.

ELVIS COSTELLO & THE IMPOSTERS MOMOFUKU 2LP - Featured in Michael Fremer's Heavy Rotation in the July 2008 Issue of Stereophile! Elvis Costello's "Momofuku" contains 12 new songs pressed on two LPs and includes codes for digital download of the album. Featuring their friends Jenny Lewis, Jonathan Rice, Tennessee Thomas, "Farmer" Dave Scher, David Hildalgo, And Jonathan Wilson. Vinyl mastering by Kevin Gray at AcousTech Mastering, CA. The real version is pressed on two pieces of black plastic with a hole in the middle. You may prefer other, more portable, less scratchable, editions that will soon become available for your convenience but this is how it sounds the best: with a needle in a groove, the way the Supreme Being intended it to be... We recorded exclusively to tape, completing and mixing each song before moving on to the next. The entire record took a week to record and mix. The music has been pressed on four sides of vinyl for volume and clarity although the album was originally sequenced with six tracks a-side. Every record has its own method. This was the one for these songs. Features: Double 140g LP Includes full album mp3 download Selections: 1. Pardon Me Madam, My Name Is Eve 12.

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  • Duration: LP
  • Speed: 33 RPM
  • Record Size: 12"
  • Genre: Rock
  • Special Attributes: 180 - 220 gram
  • Release Year: 2011
  • Style: New Wave
  • Record Label: Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab

Elvis Costello Mfsl 9 Collection + Rare 10 + Idiot Delivery Hits 20 Lps