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Rush Collection 2112 + Moving Pictures Box Live Airways Farewell 26 Lp Set

Rush Collection 2112 + Moving Pictures Box Live Airways Farewell 26 Lp Set

Rush Collection 2112 + Moving Pictures Box Live Airways Farewell 26 Lp Set
RUSH - COLLECTION WITH 17 TITLES & 26 PIECES OF VINYL COLLECTION. Rush A Farewell To Kings 40th Anniversary. Deluxe Edition 180-gram 4LP set!

Special 12 turntable mat featuring distinctive artwork by Hugh Syme. 200 GRAM 3 LP SET. Plated and pressed at Quality Record Pressings!

Classic 1976 album features original LP album plus two bonus LPs of rare, live and unreleased material! Includes 2015 hologram, special laser-etched side and unique turntable mat with iconic Starman character. Rush Moving Pictures 200 GRAM LIMITED EDITION Direct Metal Master LP.

Combo Pack Includes Vinyl LP and X-Large Heavy Cotton Vintage T-Shirt - Limited to 1000 Sets! 200g Vinyl Reissue Pressed at Quality Record Pressings! High quality 12 box contains poster reproduction, memorabilia and photos. Rush Caress of Steel DMM 200 GRAM LIMITED EDITION LP.

Rush Fly by Night 200 GRAM LIMITED EDITION LP. Rush Snakes & Arrows 200 GRAM LIMITED EDITION 2LP SET. Rush Hemispheres 200 GRAM Direct Metal Master LIMITED EDITION LP.

Rush All the World's a Stage 200 GRAM LIMITED EDITION Direct Metal Master 2LP - NOW OUT OF PRINT AND BECOMING REALLY RARE & VALUABLE. Pressed at Quality Record Pressings! Rush Grace Under Pressure 200 GRAM LIMITED EDITION Direct Metal Master LP. Rush Power Windows 200 GRAM LIMITED EDITION Direct Metal Master LP. Rush Hold Your Fire 200 GRAM LIMITED EDITION Direct Metal Master LP.

Rush Roll the Bones 200g Vinyl Pressed at Quality Record Pressings! Rush Spirit of the Airwaves: Live 1980 Missouri Radio Broadcast 180 GRAM 2LP (Grey Vinyl) SET AND LIMITED TO 1000 PIECES WORLDWIDE AND TREMENDOUSLY RARE. Direct Metal Mastered from Original Analog Masters at Abbey Road Studios! & TYPE IN RUSH INTO THE SEARCH FIELD WITHIN OUR STORES SECTION AS YOUR PERSONAL CODE AND ALL INDIVIDUAL TITLES + INFORMATION WILL APPEAR. The nicest thing you can do for your stylus and your ears.

You should never pass up the opportunity to upgrade your collection. They're each very limited in their pressings and disappear with extraordinary quickness from the vinyl market. This causes prices to skyrocket because once they are gone, they are gone forever! Don't second-guess yourself with this chance to upgrade your collection because before you know it, the opportunity will have passed forever.

The ultimate record -- the way music was meant to be heard. Pressed at Quality Record Pressings. Includes Limited Time High-Definition Download. Featuring covers of songs by The Who, The Yardbirds, Love, Cream, Buffalo Springfield and more, the trios new EP Feedback is a rocking good time for anyone who loves Rush or just classic rock & roll. Drummer Neil Peart, in the albums liner notes, explains, It was April of 2004, but Geddy, Alex, and I were channeling back to 1966 and 1967, when we were thirteen- and fourteen-year-old beginners. We thought we might record some of the songs we used to listen to, the ones we painstakingly learned the chords, notes, and drum parts for, and even played in our earliest bands. The tracks on this collection are songs we liked from the era that we thought we could cover effectively (meaning not too many backing vocals), and have some fun with.

The music celebrates a good time in our lives, and we had a good time celebrating it. For What It's Worth. 40th Anniversary Edition on 200g Audiophile Vinyl 3LP with Hologram, Laser Etching & Starman Turntable Mat! Five Newly Recorded Covers from Dave Grohl, Taylor Hawkins, Nick Raskulinecz, Billy Talent, Steven Wilson, Alice In Chains & Jacob Moon! Live Outtakes from Massey Hall 1976!

Originally released in 1976, Rushs epic, landmark release 2112 was their creative and commercial breakthrough as well as one of the bands most highly regarded releases among both fans and critics alike. With lyrics written by Neil Peart, 2112 kicks off with the ambitious seven-suite title track set in a futuristic world run by the Priests of the Temples of Syrinx who determine the content of all reading matter, songs, pictures every facet of life. Rush/2112 40th Anniversary Edition features extensive liner notes by renowned rock historian Rob Bowman, and newly designed artwork by longtime Rush art director Hugh Syme.

The sets rare recordings include Solar Federation, spotlighting the isolated Neil Peart vocals that close the song 2112 in Grand Finale, two outtakes from the 1976 Massey Hall concerts including Something For Nothing and a nearly complete 15+ minute performance of 2112, as well as a recently-rediscovered live version of the album track The Twilight Zone, which has only been performed twice in the bands long history. The epic 2112 album which guitarist Alex Lifeson described as the first record where we sounded like Rush, is widely regarded as a crucial landmark in Rushs body of work. Although it was the bands fourth album, its generally considered to be the one on which the bands epic sound and ambitious conceptual approach blossomed. Resisting record-company pressure to focus on shorter, more radio-friendly songs, the band stuck to its guns and constructed the albums seminal seven-part, 20-minute title piece, a conceptual suite set in a dystopian future. 40th Anniversary 200g 3LP Edition features a unique Starman turntable mat, a special laser-etched LP side, the 2015 hologram on 2112's side B, rare live outtakes from the'76 Massey Hall shows, additional unreleased material and newly-recorded tracks from 2112 by Dave Grohl, Taylor Hawkins, Nick Raskulinecz, Alice In Chains and more.

200 Gram Audiophile 3LP Set. 5 newly recorded covers from Dave Grohl, Taylor Hawkins, Nick Raskulinecz, Billy Talent, Steven Wilson, Alice In Chains & Jacob Moon.

Live Outtakes from Massey Hall 1976. New Artwork by Hugh Syme. Liner Notes by Rock Historian Rob Bowman. Red Star + Circuit Board Vinyl Etching. Limited Time Digital Download Card featuring 320kbps AAC MP4s (expires 12/31/18). Overture - Dave Grohl, Taylor Hawkins, Nick Raskulinecz. A Passage To Bangkok - Billy Talent. The Twilight Zone - Steven Wilson. Tears - Alice In Chains. Something For Nothing - Jacob Moon. Side 4: 2112 - Live at Massey Hall 1976 Outtake. II The Temples Of Syrinx. Something For Nothing - Live at Massey Hall 1976 outtake. The Twilight Zone - Live 1977 Contraband. Custom vinyl etching by Hugh Syme. 2112 In Concert FREE BONUS LP.

Label: Storm Bird Ltd STBVNY002. Format: Vinyl, LP, Album, Limited Edition, Unofficial Release, Violet + Glitter Marbled.

A1 The Spirit Of The Radio 5:07. A2 Part I Overture 2:52. A2 Part II The Temples Of Syrinx 1:39. A2 Part III Discovery 2:22. A2 Part IV Presentation 3:12. A2 Part V Soliloquy 2:19. A2 Part VI Grand Finale 2:26. B1 Natural Science 8:15.

Published By Coda Publishing Ltd. Broadcast live from Kiel Auditorium on 12th February 1980. Supplied in a die cut sleeve. Rush Moving Pictures 200 GRAM LIMITED EDITION Direct Metal Master LP BOX.

Moving Pictures is the eighth studio album by Canadian rock band Rush. It was recorded and mixed from October to November 1980 at Le Studio located in Morin Heights, Quebec, Canada, and released on February 12, 1981. Throughout the years 2014 and 2015, Rush celebrate their 40th anniversary with vinyl reissues of albums from their Mercury era. Rising to #3 on the Billboard charts.

It remains Rushs most popular and commercially successful studio recording. Rushs complex songwriting and musical virtuosity reached new heights on this album. Recorded and mixed from October to November 1980 at Le Studio, Moving Pictures followed a more radio-friendly format and includes several signature tracks, including Tom Sawyer, Limelight, Red Barchetta, and the bands highly praised instrumental, YYZ, which is the IATA airport identification code of Toronto Pearson International Airport. The album cover is a monument to triple entendre. Movers are physically moving pictures, people are crying because the pictures passing by are emotionally moving, and the back cover depicts a film crew making a moving picture of the whole scene. Not only is 1981's Moving Pictures Rush's best album, it is undeniably one of the greatest hard rock albums of all time... Rush proved with Moving Pictures that there was still uncharted territory to explore within the hard rock format, and were rewarded with their most enduring and popular album. Hemispheres is the sixth studio album by Canadian rock band Rush. Hemispheres was recorded at Rockfield Studios in Wales and mixed at Trident Studios in London in 1978. It was the last of two albums the band recorded in the U. The record explores the political, social economic, and sci-fi themes prevalent on their early work, continuing the saga of Cygnus from A Farewell To Kings. Similar to 2112, Hemispheres features a single, epic song broken into chapters as the first side of the album (Cygnus X-1, Book II: Hemispheres). The album also features the instrumental, La Villa Strangiato. According to Geddy, the song was based on Alexs frequent nightmares. While such albums as 1980's Permanent Waves and 1981's Moving Pictures are usually considered Rush's masterpieces (and with good reason), 1978's Hemispheres is just as deserving... It's much more consistent musically, twisting and turning through five different sections which contrast heavy rock sections against more sedate pieces. Neil Peart had become one of rock's most accomplished lyricists by this point... Hemispheres remains one of Rush's greatest releases. Greg Prato, allmusic Features: 200g Vinyl Pressed at Quality Record Pressings Direct Metal Mastering Remastered at Abbey Road Studios Remastered from original analogue masters Gatefold Jacket Includes digital download card - 320kbps vinyl-ripped AAC MP4s Selections: Side One: 1. Cygnus X-1 Book II Hemispheres I. Apollo Bringer of Wisdom III.

Dionysus Bringer of Love IV. Armageddon The Battle of Heart and Mind V. Cygnus Bringer of Balance VI.

The Sphere A Kind of Dream Side Two: 1. Released in 2007, Snakes & Arrows was the group's 18th full-length studio album following 2004's Feedback. The album was recorded between November and December 2006 at Allaire Studios in New York's Catskill Mountains and mixed and mastered at Ocean Way Recording in Los Angeles.

The album was co-produced with Grammy Award winning Nick Raskulinecz. Adoring fans turned out in droves for one the few remaining chances to experience Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson and Neil Peart performing together in concert during their final major tour which began in May 2015. Along with the R40 tour, the band reissue their studio albums on high-quality vinyl. Rush announces the rollout of the vinyl versions of six studio albums the band recorded for Atlantic Records between 1989 and 2007. All of the albums are pressed on audiophile-quality, 200-gram vinyl and each include a limited time code to access a high-definition digital download.

Standout tracks abound, like hits Show Dont Tell from Presto, the title track from Test For Echo, and Summertime Blues from Feedback. The RIAA® has certified Rush for the third most consecutive gold/platinum studio albums by a rock band, topped only by the Beatles and the Rolling Stones.

With a career that spans over four decades, Rush continues to be the soundtrack to millions of lives while also influencing and inspiring musicians and garnering a new generation of fans around the world. The band was also recognized for its immeasurable impact with a 2013 induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Selections: LP 1 Side A. The Way the Wind Blows. Direct Metal Master 200g Vinyl Reissue!

Remastered from Original Analog Masters at Abbey Road Studios! Caress Of Steel is the third studio album by Canadian rock band Rush, released in 1975. The album shows more of Rush's adherence to hard progressive rock, as opposed to the blues-based hard rock style of the band's first album. The album eventually became known as one of Rushs most obscure and overlooked recordings.

Die hard fans feel the record is underrated. Caress of Steel featured long pieces broken up into various sections and long solo passages. It is often considered notable for the inclusion of the bands first two epic pieces, The Necromancer and The Fountain of Lamneth.

I Think Im Going Bald was written for Kim Mitchell, who at the time was the frontman of the band Max Webster and a close friend of the band. Track three, Lakeside Park, was a reference to a park in St. Catharines, Ontario where Neil grew up and worked during the summer as a teenager. Features: 200g Audiophile Vinyl Pressed at Quality Record Pressings Remastered at Abbey Road Studios Remastered from original analog masters Direct Metal Master Gatefold Jacket Limited Time Digital download card - 320kbps Vinyl-Ripped AAC MP4s Musicians: Geddy Lee, lead vocals, bass guitar Alex Lifeson, electric & acoustic guitar Neil Peart, drums, percussion Selections: Side One: 1. I Think I'm Going Bald 3.

The Necromancer Side Two: 1. No One At The Bridge 4. In 2014, UMe/Mercury reissued RUSHs self-titled debut on heavy-weight vinyl in celebration of the albums 40th anniversary. Now in 2015, let the RUSH 40 celebration continue with "12 Months of RUSH" reissues--in chronological order--starting with "Fly By Night" on both LP and Blu-Ray Audio.

During the "12 Months of RUSH, " all 14 Mercury albums will be remastered on 200-gram heavy-weight vinyl at legendary Abbey Road, all from original analogue masters. All LPs will include a digital download code for a 320kbps MP4 vinyl ripped Digital Audio album download. Of the 14 albums, "Fly By Night, " "A Farewell to Kings, " and "Signals" will also be reissued on Blu-Ray Pure Audio. Fly by Night is the second album by Rush. The 1975 release of "Fly By Night" was the first to feature drummer Neil Peart, who also became the bands lyricist.

The singles included the title track and Making Memories. " "Fly By Night reached #113 on the Billboard chart, going platinum in both the U. Features: 200g Vinyl Pressed at Quality Record Pressings Remastered from original analogue masters at Abbey Road Studios Digital download code for a 320kbps MP4 vinyl ripped Digital Audio album download Selections: Side One: 1. Beneath, Between & Behind 4. By-Tor & The Snow Dog Side Two: 1.

Power Windows is the bands 11th studio album, released in 1985. It was the first time the band worked with producer Peter Collins. The album was recorded at The Manor in England, AIR Studios in Montserrat and at Sarm East Studios in London. Power Windows launched an era in which the band expanded into new sonic directions, and featured synths heavily. It was also the album where Geddy switched to using a Wal bass, made by a small English company. Hed use the Wal as his main bass all the way through the Roll The Bones album and tour. Neils lyrics focused primarily on various manifestations of powerManhattan Project explores the origins and consequences of the U. Militarys development of the atomic bomb, and Territories comments on nationalism around the world. Other singles included Territories, Manhattan Project, and Marathon, the latter two topping the U. Mainstream Rock airplay charts at #10 and #6, respectively. Direct Metal Mastered from Original Analog Masters at Abbey Road Studios. Limited time digital download code.

Geddy Lee, bass, synthesizers, bass pedals, vocals. Alex Lifeson, electric guitar, acoustic guitar.

Neil Peart, drums, percussion, electronic percussion. Hold Your Fire is Rushs 12th studio album, released on September 8, 1987. It was recorded at The Manor Studio in Oxfordshire, Ridge Farm Studio in Surrey, AIR Studios in Montserrat and McClear Place in Toronto, with sessions spread out over a relatively long period of time. Although Hold Your Fire features nearly as much synth/keyboards as its predecessor, Power Windows, Hold Your Fires guitar riffs and solos are considerably more prominent on several songs.

During the writing stages for the album, with nine songs written, producer Peter Collins also suggested the band make a tenth track for the album. The song Force Ten was written on the last day of pre-production, December 14, 1986. Another track on the album, Time Stand Still, was the first track Neil wrote. Aimee Mann briefly sings in each chorus of the song, marking Rushs first collaboration with another singer. Gradually draws in the listener by slowly revealing its nuances and secrets...

Geddy Lee employs lush textures which, when coupled with a greater rhythmic and melodic presence from guitarist Alex Lifeson, results in a far warmer sound than in recent efforts... Drummer Neil Peart is as inventive and exciting as ever... Rush always seem to produce some of their best work at the end of each four-album cycle, and Hold Your Fire is no exception.

Direct Metal Mastered at Abbey Road Studios. Rush Presto 200 GRAM LIMITED EDITION LP. 200g Vinyl With Limited Time High-Definition Download! Presto is Rush's 13th studio album released in 1989. The album was recorded at LeStudio in Morin Heights and at McClear Place in Toronto. Presto was their first with Atlantic Records which the band signed to in early 1989 after a longstanding relationship with Mercury/Polygram. The album's lyrical centerpiece is its atmospheric single "The Pass", in which Neil Peart addresses teenage isolation and the tragic romanticism of youth suicide.

Standout tracks abound, like hits "Show Don't Tell" from Presto, the title track from Test For Echo, and "Summertime Blues" from Feedback. Rush All the World's a Stage 200 GRAM LIMITED EDITION Direct Metal Master 2LP. This reissue was remastered at the legendary Abbey Road Studios using the Direct to Metal Mastering (DMM) audiophile copper plating process from original analog masters.

Then pressed on high quality 200-gram vinyl at Quality Record Pressings. All the World's a Stage is a double live album by Canadian rock band Rush, released in 1976. The album was recorded at Massey Hall in Toronto on June 11 through 13 during their 2112 tour. Similar to a lyric in the track "Limelight" from 1981's album Moving Pictures, the title of this album alludes to William Shakespeare's play As You Like It.

The record climbed to No. Billboard chart and went platinum in the States and Canada. The original vinyl edition was formatted for auto-change continual play turntables and this edition matches that original vinyl release with LP one featuring sides A & D and LP two featuring sides B & C. A fitting way of closing the first chapter of Rush, as the liner notes state. Fly by Night/In the Mood 4.

Something for Nothing LP 1 - Side 2: 1. The Temples of Syrinx III.

Grand Finale LP 2 - Side 3: 1. By-Tor and the Snow Dog 2. In the End LP 2 - Side 4: 1.

Grace Under Pressure is the bands 10th studio recording, released in April of 1984. It was recorded at Le Studio, like so many other Rush albums. Rush originally approached producer Steve Lillywhite to record Grace Under Pressure, but he went on to work on other projects. The band produced the album themselves, with assistance from Peter Henderson, who had previously worked with Supertramp, Split Enz, Frank Zappa, and King Crimson. Largely considered one of the bands darkest albums, Grace Under Pressure was influenced by the growing tensions in the Cold War in the 1980s. The albums running theme is pressure and how humans act under the influence of it. Despite the dark themes of the record, the band balances out influences from a lot of directions, including reggae and a harder feel of the classic hard rock sound. The writing and rehearsing of the album went quickly, but the recording took a long time. Once we got into the studio, things just took a long time. You cant really help it sometimes, no matter how hard you work or how fast you work; there are certain things about recording that just take a long time. Remastered at Abbey Road Studios. Remastered from original analogue masters. Geddy Lee, bass, synthesizers, vocals. A Show of Hands was released in 1989.

The band released a video of the same name, originally released on VHS and laserdisc, the same year. DVD versions were later released in 2006 and 2007. The album was recorded in Birmingham (UK), New Orleans, Phoenix, and San Diego during the 1988 Hold Your Fire tour as well as in the Meadowlands (East Rutherford, NJ) during the 1986 Power Windows tour. It was during this era that Jim Burgess of Saved By Technology convinced Geddy that the complexities of a Rush studio recording could be recreated live. Offstage, someone set up the samples for the songs, but Geddy would trigger them himself.

The inspired A Show of Hands is an excellent snapshot of Rush in concert during the mid- to late'80s. Alex Lifeson, guitar, synthesizers, backing vocals. Neil Peart, acoustic and electric percussion. Rush Roll the Bones 200g Vinyl With Limited Time High-Definition Download! The band's 14th studio album was recorded at LeStudio in Morin Heights, Quebec and McClear Place in Toronto, Ontario.

Roll the Bones has a taste of rap, a bit of funk, and a bigger "groove" than fans expected from Rush at the time. Neil Peart chose to be more straight-ahead, leaving room for Geddy's bass playing to be more aggressive. (Part IV, Gangster of Boats Trilogy). Rush Rush Re-DISCovered LP Box DMM MASTERED 200 GRAM LP Box Set. Sturdy Custom Box with Lift-Off Top Houses 200g Audiophile Vinyl Re-Mastered From Original 1974 Analog Stereo Masters! DMM Cut To Copper Plates At Abbey Road Studios! Moon Records would soon become Anthem Records, which launched in 1977, and continues to serve as the bands only Canadian record company. To mark the bands 40-year recording career, Universal Music Enterprises (UMe) celebrates with the vinyl reissue of the original Moon Records (pre-Mercury) release of Rush, as part of Universals reDISCovered vinyl series.

Housed in a sturdy, custom box with a lift-off top, this landmark album is pressed on 200g, audiophile grade vinyl, from the original 1974 analog stereo masters, cut to copper plates using the Direct Metal Mastering (DMM) process at the legendary Abbey Road Studios. Rush also features the original Moon Records jacket art, complete with the original MN-100-A/B Matrix etching, and will include a 16x22 reproduction of the first Rush promo poster, three 5x7 lithographs of Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson and John Rutsey, a 12x12 Rush Family Tree poster, and a digital download card for a free digital copy of this newly remastered release. Featuring the bands original line up, Lee, Lifeson and Rutsey, Rushs eponymous 1974 debut features eight hard- hitting rockers including Finding My Way, the fast-paced Need Some Love, Take A Friend, What Youre Doing, the southern rock vibe of In The Mood, and their U. Breakthrough anthem Working Man which was made famous by Cleveland, Ohios WMMS radio station.

Other tracks include the more melodic Here Again and the atmospheric Before and After, which gradually builds into a burst of power chords and heavy guitar riffs. Rushs unique style and sound continues to evolve and push the envelope of rock into new territories, gaining legions of new fans along the way. After a four decade journey, in 2013 Rush was recognized for their immeasurable impact and influence in rock and roll and were inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame to the delight of fans and critics alike.

Features: Housed in sturdy custom box with lift-off top 200g Audiophile Vinyl Re-Mastered from original 1974 analog stereo masters Mastered at Abbey Road Studios Pressed at Quality Record Pressings Cut to copper plates using Direct Metal Mastering (DMM) Features original Moon Records jacket art with MN-100-A/B Matrix etching Includes 16" x 22" reproduction of first Rush promo poster Three 5"x7" lithographs of Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson and John Rutsey 12" x 12" Rush Family Tree poster Limited time digital download card for digital copy of remastered album - 320kbps vinyl ripped AAC MP4s Musicians: Geddy Lee, lead vocals, bass Alex Lifeson, guitars, vocals John Rutsey, drums, vocals Selections: Side One: 1. Here Again Side Two: 1. What You're Doing 2. Rush Spirit of the Airwaves: Live 1980 Missouri Radio Broadcast 180 GRAM 2LP (Grey Vinyl) SET AND LIMITED TO 1000 PIECES WORLDWIDE. Limited Edition 180g Grey Vinyl - Only 1000 Copies!

Live 1980 Missouri Radio Broadcast! Spirit of the Airwaves was recorded February 1980 during their Permanent Waves tour at a show at the Kiel Auditorium in St. Previously only available as a bootleg, this live recording is now available as a Limited Edition Grey Vinyl Double LP package.

Features: Limited Edition Grey Vinyl - Only 1000 Copies! 180g Vinyl Double LP Selections: LP 1 - Side A: 1. The Temples of Syrinx 3. Grand Finale LP 1 - Side B: 1.

The Spirit of the Radio LP 2 - Side C: 1. Finding My Way Intro 5.

Bastille Day LP 2 - Side D: 1. FACTORY SEALED OUT OF PRINT PRODUCT is IRREPLACEABLE and therefore NOT RETURNABLE. Because of Postal Regulations in following countries -- U. (England, Ireland, Wales and Scotland), SOUTH AMERICAN COUNTRIES, QATAR, PHILIPPINES, SRI LANKA, ISRAEL, RUSSIA, MEXICO and MALTA. The item "RUSH COLLECTION 2112 + MOVING PICTURES BOX LIVE AIRWAYS FAREWELL 26 LP SET" is in sale since Friday, May 8, 2020. This item is in the category "Music\Records".

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  • Duration: LP
  • Speed: 33 RPM
  • Record Size: 12"
  • Record Label: VARIOUS LABELS
  • Edition: Anniversary Edition
  • Genre: Rock
  • Special Attributes: 180 - 220 gram

Rush Collection 2112 + Moving Pictures Box Live Airways Farewell 26 Lp Set