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Vinyl Record Collection Classic Rock Lot 120 + Records! Pink Floyd Boston

Vinyl Record Collection Classic Rock Lot 120 + Records! Pink Floyd Boston
Vinyl Record Collection Classic Rock Lot 120 + Records! Pink Floyd Boston
Vinyl Record Collection Classic Rock Lot 120 + Records! Pink Floyd Boston
Vinyl Record Collection Classic Rock Lot 120 + Records! Pink Floyd Boston
Vinyl Record Collection Classic Rock Lot 120 + Records! Pink Floyd Boston
Vinyl Record Collection Classic Rock Lot 120 + Records! Pink Floyd Boston
Vinyl Record Collection Classic Rock Lot 120 + Records! Pink Floyd Boston
Vinyl Record Collection Classic Rock Lot 120 + Records! Pink Floyd Boston
Vinyl Record Collection Classic Rock Lot 120 + Records! Pink Floyd Boston
Vinyl Record Collection Classic Rock Lot 120 + Records! Pink Floyd Boston
Vinyl Record Collection Classic Rock Lot 120 + Records! Pink Floyd Boston
Vinyl Record Collection Classic Rock Lot 120 + Records! Pink Floyd Boston

Vinyl Record Collection Classic Rock Lot 120 + Records! Pink Floyd Boston

We appreciate you coming to check out this.. LOT OF OVER 120 CLASSIC ROCK ALBUMS ON VINYL RECORD.

This is a collection of about 98%...... FIRST PRESS releases from groups like. Queen Alice Cooper Pink Floyd Steely Dan Neil Young Heart Styx Toto The Who Peter Frampton The Allman Brothers the Alan Parsons Project BTO Emerson Lake and Palmer csny kiss and so many more.

This ass kicking collection of classic rock and roll records on vinyl I think in general describes a period in Rock roll history where the artists as a whole challenged the mainstream concept of music and self-expression in art and pushed those boundaries beyond a point that some people were comfortable with in society they created new and experimental musical structures never before seen or attempted or done. Later this became a foundation upon which the Church of rock and roll is built today....... Praise the god of metal bro get to your f knees we sacrifice a goat for Halloween to the Thunder God Thor.

Honestly I'm being completely serious about the goat..... I'm not really being serious about the goat. Is the fact that the previous owner of this collection was a meticulous collector who cleaned the records with record cleaning fluid and cleaning materials nearly after every play and that shows on the vinyl that the vinyl in this collection is really amazing considering the age of these records basically flawless.

The Goldmine Record Grading Standard was utilized in assessing conditional attributes to each individual record lot and here's what to expect when employing that Standard in looking at this collection.... Record Covers And Inner Sleeves.

The average condition of the record covers and inner sleeves would be in the very good to very good + range on average using the Goldmine standard. With some exceptions please see the list below. The job of a record cover.... The album covers were of course made to protect the vinyl housed within the covers...

The albums themselves, which are amazingly clean and free of scratches or blemishes. So expect the Mainstay of record covers and inner sleeves to be in the VG to VG Plus + range unless otherwise noted. Using the Goldmine Record Grading Standard, to assess the condition of the vinyl media on the records in this lot almost everyone falls in the Near Mint Minus to Near Mint range....

Again with any exceptions to that being noted below in the list of Records. Nearly every record in this lot is a first press...

Check it out by researching the records in the list below.. Below you will find a list of the individual records contained within the lot. Please let me know if you have any questions or want to see more pics. I will do what I can to answer your questions as quickly as possible. Here is a list of the Lots content. SRM 1 1029 Phonogram Inc, 1975 Vinyl Media - Cover/Sleeve. Welcome To My Nightmare SB 18130 Atlantic Records, 1975 Condition of Vinyl Media - NM- Condition of Cover/Sleeve - VG+.

Killers SB 94265 Warner Brothers, 1971 Condition of Vinyl Media - NM- Condition of Cover/Sleeve - VG. Eat A Peach Condition of Vinyl Media - NM- Condition of Cover/Sleeve - VG- Alan Parsons Project (Five Records). Alan Parsons Project, The (4 Album s).

Pyramid AB 4180 Arista, 1978. Eve Al 9504 Arista, 1979. Robot Al 7002 1977, Arista. The Turn of a Friendly Card Al 9518 Arista, 1980.

A Horse With No Name BS 25768 Warner Bros, Condition of Vinyl Media - NM- Condition of Sleeve/Cover - VG. Homecoming BS 2655 1972 Condition of Vinyl Media - NM- Condition of Sleeve/Cover.

The Best of So Far SRM 11101 Mercury Records. Condition of Vinyl Media - NM- Condition of Sleeve/Cover. Running With The Pack SS 8415 1978 Atlantic Records. Black Oak Arkansas (5 Albums). Ain't Life Grand 1975 SD 3611 Condition Vinyl Media - NM Condition of Sleeve and Cover - NM.

Street Party SD-36101 Atlantic Records, 1974 Condition of Vinyl nm Cover/Sleve vg. If an angel came to see you would you make her feel at home?

SD 7008 Atlantic Records, 1972 Condition of Vinyl NM- Condition of Sleeve/Cover VG. Black Oak Arkansas (Self Titled) SD-33354 Atlantic Records, 1971 Condition of Vinyl NM Condition of Sleeve/Cover VG. Blue Oyster Cult Cultosaurus Erectus JC 36550 CBS Inc, 1980. Don't Look Back AL 35050 CBS, 1978 Condition of Vinyl - VG+ Condition of Sleeve/Cover VG+.

Condition of Vinyl Media - VG+ Condition of Sleeve/Cover - One to rock one to stock. Apparently the owner bought two of the Same album one to rock and 1/2 stock as this one has a rip about 2 and 1/2 inches long on the albums front cover. Don't Look Back AL 35050 CBS, 1978 Condition of Vinyl - NM Condition of Sleeve/Cover VG+. COMMENTS - One to rock one to stock. There are two Don't Look Back albums from Boston in the lot this is the second the first is above.

Boston (S elf - titled album) AL 34118 CBS Inc, 1978. Condition of vinyl media- nm. Condition of sleeve and cover- vg+.

Comments - This is the first of two of the same records that appear in the lot of Bostons self titled album. Comments - we have a total of four Boston albums in this lot then. Two releases are Boston's self-titled album Boston. The other two Boston releases in the lot are also doubles of the group's Don't Look Back release. Cheap Trick (Self Titled) PE34400 CBS, 1979.

Condition of sleeve and cover- vg. Heaven Tonight JE 35312 1978, CBS. Condition of sleeve and cover vg+.

Chicag o 1 3 BL 36105 1979. Chicago IX Greatest Hits AL 3 3 9 0 0 CBS 1974, 1975. Another Page 1983, Warner Bros I intentionally, I have to admit, left out the catalog number for this one just to see if anybody gave a s. Doobie Brothers, The (2 Albums).

The Captain and Me BS 2694 And 540,430 Warner Bros, 1973. Home Free Pc 31751 CBS, 1972. Netherlands AL 34185 SKU # 07464341851. Phoenix Fe 3534 CBS, 1979. Twin Sons of Different Mothers Je35339 CBS, 1978.

Souvenirs AL 33137 CBS, 1974. Made in Japan 2WS 2701 Warner Bros, 1973. Emerson Lake and Palmer (6 Records).

Emerson Lake and Palmer (Self Titled) SD 9040 Atlantic, 1971. Pictures at an Exhibition ELP 66666 Atlantic Records. Trilogy 1972, Atlantic Records SD 9903. Trilogy SD 9903 Atlantic Records, 1972. (There are 2 trilogy albums). Inferno original soundtrack s i a e and MDF/33138. Eric Clapton (Self Titled) Sd 33-329 Atco Records. Fool for the city BRK 6989 Bearsville Records, 1975. Head Games SD 29999 Atlantic Records, 1979.

Extraction sp 4277 And Sp 445. The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway SD 2 401 1974 CB. Abacab Sd 91313 Atlantic Records, 1981. Live Album (2 Album Set).

(WRITING ON MIDDLE RECORD STICKER ON ONE OF THE RECORDS, NO SLEEVE ON THE OTHER). On Time st 307 Capitol Records. Phoenix smas 11099 Capitol Records, 1972.

We're an American Band smas 11207 Capitol Records, 1970. Sp 6007 and SP 19033 Sku 07502160071 A&M, 1979. Heart Little Queen BL 34799 And JR 34799 1977. Saturate Before Using SD 5051 And St-AS-712384 PR Asylum Records, 1972. Earth DXL1-2515 Grunt Records, 19.

Red Octopus bfl1 0999 Grunt Records, 1975. Spitfire BFL1-1567 Grunt Records, 1976. Jethro Tull (2 Record Set). Living In The Past Tul 103 and CJT. War child CHR 1067 Chrysalis Records.

Stormwatch CHR 1238 Sku 07558512381 Chrysalis Records. Point of No Return AL 34929 And JZ 34929 CBS Records, 1977. (Appears Japanese As There Is Japanese Writing on Inner Sleeves). THIS RECORD IS A THREE RECORD SET FROM KISS ENTITILED "THE ORIGINALS" WHICH CONTAINS THE FOLLOWING RECORDS.. NBLP 7032 C AND 7032 3 998 16B.

Casablanca Records, 1975 and 1976. NBLP 7032 B and 7032-3-998-6A. Casablanca Records, 1974 & 1976. NBLP 7032 C And 7032-3-998 -16A.

Casablanca Records, 1975 & 1976. Low Budget AB 4240 Arista Records, 1977. The Kinks (Self Titled) MS 2127 Warner Bros, 1973.

Sleepwalker AL 4106 Arista Records. It's a Long Way There greatest hits EMA 328.

Torn Between Two Lovers smas 50015. Business-as-Usual 1982, CBS Sku 07464379781. Cargo Bl 38660 1982, 1983 CBS.

Octave PS 708 The Decca Record, 1978. The Hoople PC 32871 1974, CBS. Nantucket Sleigh Ride ILPS 9148 1971. Record's Catalog # JE 36110.

Year and Date of Release indicated on Record. Condition of Vinyl Media- NM. Condition of Sleeve and Cover.

Comes A Time MSK 2266 Reprise Records, 1978. Harvest MSK 2277 Warner Brothers, 1972.

Live Rust 2RX 2296 Reprise Records, 1979 2 Record Set. Chinese eyes ST C 824953 1982 Eel Pie Recordings. White City 90473 1 Sku 07567 90473 11 1985, Atco Records. Empty Glass SD 32-100 Eel Pie Records, 1980. Peter Frampton (Self Titled Album) SP 4512 And SP 4761 A&M Records, 1975.

Frampton Comes Alive sp 3703 and sp 3710. Frampton's Camel Sp 4389 and SP 467 A&M Records, 1973. Wish You Were Here PC 33453 and bl 33453 Pink Floyd Music Limited, 1975.

Ummagumma STBB-388 And STBB2-388 Capitol Records, 1969 (2 Record Set). Queen (Self Titled Album) EKS 75064 Elektra Records, 1973. Nine Lives BL 35988 And FL 35988 SKU # 07464359881 CBS Records, 1979.

You Can Tune a Piano But You Can't Tuna Fish JE 35082 And AL 35082 CBS Inc, 1978. Journey to the Center of the Earth Sp 2621 1974, A&M Recordings.

The Six Wives of Henry the 8th SP 4361 AND SP 4621 A&M Recordings. A Farewell To Kings SRM-1-1184 Phonogram Inc, 1977. Inner Secrets Al 35600 CBS 1978. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. (The Original Movie Soundtrack) by George Martin.

Aerosmith, Alice Cooper, Earth Wind and Fire, Steve Martin, Paul Nicholas, Billy Preston. RS 2 4100 And RS 2 4100 DS. (Small Piece of Cover's Right Corner Cut).

Shooting Star FE 38020 And BL38020 Virgin Records, 1982. Stephen Stills (Self titled Album) SD 7202 Atlantic Records, 1970.

Manassas St 2 903 And ST A 722473 MO Atlantic Records, 1972. Cornerstone 1979 UPC number 0 7 5 0 2 1 3 7 1 1. Cornerstone SP 3711 SKU # 07502 13711 A&M Records, 1979.

Equinox Sp 4559 + sp 4856 A&M Records, 1975. Breakfast in America sp 3708 Sku 07502137081 A&M 1979.

Toto (Self Titled Album) Al 35317 and JC 35317 CBS Inc, 1979. Isolation QC 38962 and Al 38962 SKU# 7464389621. (FOR PROMOTION ONLY OWNERSHIP RESERVED BY CBS SALE IS UNLAWFUL is stampted across the barcode on the back of the album cover in gold). Under a Blood Red Sky MINI LP. Who's Next MCA 3024 2408102 MCA, 1971.

Who's Next 2408 102 And ST 33 Polydor Records, 1971. Number The Brave MCA-5200 and MCA2585 MCA Records, 1981. Hot Ash Wishbone Ash Live MCA-5283 And MCA2818 MCA Records, 198. Front Page News MCA-2311 and MCA1357 MCA Records, 1977 (writing on inner sleeve). Wishbone Ash (Self Titled Album) MCA-2343 and 7-12661 MCA Records, 1973.

Argus DL 75347 And 7-13028 MCA Records Sterophonic Decca, 1972. Locked In SD 18164 and ST-A-753523-MO Atlantic Records, 1976. Wishbone Four MCA-327 And MCA 86 MCA Records, 1973. There's The Rub MCA-464 And MCA598 MCA Records, 1974. Twin Barrels Burning F-9629 SKU# 02521896291 AVM Records, 1982.

Nouveau Calls IRS 42101 And IRS 7297 And SKU# 07642210113. Double Live Dates Album 6.22 279-01-02 And MZPS 7820 And MCA2-8006 MCA Records, 1973. Since this is all about a get rid of the records. We also found a few records without covers but with sleeves we are also throwing these in because we don't know what the hell to do with them and actually some of them seem pretty good.

Yesterday's 1972 Elektra records. Atomic rooster made in England.

Elton John Goodbye Yellow Brick Road which only has one record that's near mint of the two in the south. We also ran into a number of Records in the collection that only had sleeves and no covers at all so we've included these as well in the sake of just getting rid of everything. Grapefruit DS 500 50 ABC. Record is near mint minus.

Best of Wishbone Ash vg +. Steppenwolf 500 2 9 8 record very good minus. Hey sorry about the bad pics check this link out a promise this is a good one here there's good pics in here where you can kind of basically see every record also I want to add that there's some records that aren't even on this list that are thrown in their Journey captured double album there's Queen night at the Opera both of those are near mint minus on both the vinyl and the covers in sleeves that's probably a couple other ones too I'll get thrown in there as well Bonus Pack but check this link out. The item "Vinyl Record Collection Classic Rock Lot 120 + Records! Pink Floyd Boston" is in sale since Monday, October 14, 2019.

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  • Record Size: 12"
  • Modified Item: No
  • Record Label: Collectables
  • Sleeve Grading: Very Good (VG)
  • Style: Acoustic
  • Special Attributes: 180-220 gram
  • Record Grading: Near Mint (NM or M-)
  • Speed: 33 RPM
  • Edition: Anniversary Edition
  • Duration: LP
  • Genre: Rock
  • Language: English
  • Artist: Pink Floyd

Vinyl Record Collection Classic Rock Lot 120 + Records! Pink Floyd Boston